Who’s Behind Wales Young Greens

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All roles are elected at the Wales Young Greens Annual General Meeting or Co-opted in by the elected committee when needed.

Andrew Creak – Co-Chair


Andrew is a 20 year old queer person from Caerphilly and is the Convenor of Wales Young Greens, the youth branch of the Green Party in Wales. He has lived in Senghenydd all his life. He became active within the greens last year and has since been a founding member of the LGBTIQA+ group; Green Pride. Andrew gets hands on with politics, attending protests such as ‘Cardiff without Culture’ and has supported the Gwern Y Domen Conservation and Keep Caerphilly Mountain Green group helping to stop Labours Local Development Plan.


Ramona Sharples – Co-Chair


Ramona is an 18 year old female studying her last year of A levels in Cardiff and intending to study politics at degree level. She feels passionately that a greener and more equal society must be strived for and sees Green policies as having huge potential in such an environmentally and culturally rich country as Wales. She has lived in Pembrokeshire her whole life and became active with the Green Party last year.

James Ruff – Non-Portfolio


James is currently at University at Aberystwyth. He is also active in the area with the local Green Party group and the Young Greens Group in the area.

Benjamin Smith – Press Officer


Benjamin is a second year student at RWCMD. He’s worked heavily with the local party in his home town of Plymouth, and is looking forward to getting more involved with the party at a national level here in Wales. He Believes that a Greener Wales can make a better Wales and he will always be working towards this goal.

Regional Co-conveners / Reps

Keith Watts – Cardiff Co-convener


Keith is a member of the Cardiff Green Party and has been campaigning alongside Amelia Womack to get her elected into the Senedd this year.