Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus!

Happy Saint David’s Day! St. David’s day is the day when the people in Wales celebrate their culture and heritage.

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In primary School every St David’s day each year would recite something to do with our culture. Normally it would have been in welsh but in year 4 I learnt this poem which has stayed close to my heart ever since as I believe it sums up the Welsh people and myself perfectly.

To be born welsh is to be born privileged.
Not with a silver spoon in your mouth,
But music in your blood
And poetry in your soul.

Wilfred Wilson

– Andrew Creak, Co-Convenor of Wales Young Greens

Wales Young Greens AGM

On Saturday 20th February in Cardiff was the Wales Young Greens’ first AGM. It finally happened, The Wales Young Greens have now officially been created.

Held in the student union, members of WYG gathered to approve the group’s constitution and partake in two fun work shops and a Q&A with Wales Green Party leader and deputy plus a surprise guest.

image– Sam Murry

The day started off with a workshop by Sam Murray on the upcoming EU referendum (the date of which was released just after the EU workshop). He worked us though different ways that we can promote a Yes vote in June, as well as the Young Greens’ online campaign #imwitheu – pronounced ‘I’m with you’.

Next up we had our Q&A with Wales Green Party Leader, Alice Hooker-Stroud, Deputy Leader, Hannah Pudner, and our surprise guest, Scottish Greens Co-Convenor and MSP, Patrick Harvie.

Alice Hooker-Stroud and Hannah Pudner, Leader and Deputy Leader of The Wales Green Party

The three answered a number of questions, which included: should the Wales Green Party become an independent party, like the Scottish party did a few decades ago, or remain a part of the Green Party of England and Wales. As well as the question of how the Wales Young Greens could become more involved with the party’s work.

Patrick also told us about the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections this year, and that one of their candidates; if elected, would be the youngest MSP ever elected.

Patrick Harvie MSP, Scottish Greens Co-Convenor


We then moved onto a workshop by Young Greens Co-Chair, Hannah Ellen Clare where she gave us a fantastic workshop on how to win debates and give fantastic speeches.

After this, we moved onto the first section of the AGM which was agreeing the constitution and discussing the suggested amendments. Once amended our constitution passed.

Next was the hustings between Andrew Creak and Sam Murray for the position(s) of Co-Convenor. After the vote, the outcome was that Andrew Creak would become the first Co-Convenor of Wales Young Greens.

We would like to give a great big thank you to Rhiannon Ennis who was our impartial chair for the AGM, there were hard times during discussion but she pushed us through.

Andrew Creak elected as Co-Convenor for Wales Young Greens

Today at the first Annual General Meeting of Wales Young Greens, Andrew Creak, a 19 year old LGBTIQ+ person has been elected as the first Co-Convenor of WYG.


Andrew has said “I am overwhelmed to be selected to be the first Co-Convenor of Wales Young Greens. And there for the first young leader of the Green Party in Wales. I look forward to working with the youth in Wales and pushing the government to be more diverse and accepting.”

Chris Were, Young Green Candidate for Monmouth

Chris Were has been returned as the Green Party’s candidate in Monmouth for the 2016 elections to the National Assembly of Wales, as well as a list candidate in the South Wales East region.

“Welsh politics lacks young people and new ideas. We’re not short of problems here in Wales but, with my background in diagnosing problems and finding solutions in software, I intend to bring those skills to the Senedd.”

Chris Were

Brian Dafydd Williams, Young Green Candidate for Ceredigion

Brian Dafydd Williams is a 21 year old from West Wales. He has a strongly supports the Green Party’s Education policies.

During a period where it’s even more important than ever for someone to have a university education to get ahead in life, the Tories axing Maintenance Grants is a kick in the teeth to social mobility, and any illusion that the conservatives are on the side of the working people.

Brian Dafydd Williams

Freya Amsbury, Young Green Candidate for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr

Freya Amsbury is an 18 year old LGBTIQ+ person who is active within the party and the LGBTIQ+ community.

“Since joining the Green Party in the run ­up to the 2015 election I have become more and more passionate about social issues, especially issues facing young people, and environmental issues. As someone who identifies as queer, and an active member of the LGBTQ+ community, I believe I have an insight into some of the many issues faced by queer and genderqueer folk.”
– Freya Amsbury

Andrew Creak, Young Green Candidate for Caerphilly

Andrew Creak, is a 19 year old LGBTIQ+ person from Caerphilly. He is joined the party on the run up to the election and has since been very active from leafleting to complaining along side the Caerphilly preservation group ‘Gwern Y Domen’.

I joined the Green Party in March during the run up to the election. I can say with my hand on my heart that that was one of the best decisions of my life. I knew that I agreed with the majority of the Green Parties policies so I became a member to show my support to the party in the run up to the election, But I wasn’t that active as a member.

Andrew Creak