Young Green Contests in Plasnewydd By-Election

Michael Cope is Green Party candidate in Plasnewydd
Michael Cope is a 25-year-old activist who was born and raised in Cardiff. After four years at Exeter University, during which he campaigned around LGBTQ rights and gender equality, he returned to Cardiff and became active in local Green politics.

He said: “Plasnewydd represents everything that makes Cardiff a great place to live, with its vibrant arts and culture, beautiful green spaces, and thriving local shops and businesses. It’s a part of the city I love.

“However, having spent a lot of time speaking to residents, it is clear things need to change. People on the doorstep mention litter, poorly-maintained roads and pavements, anti-social behaviour around City Road, and traffic as serious problems. Residents also speak about getting no response from the Labour council and of feeling let down.

“Labour councillors are too busy fighting amongst themselves to come up with a plan to protect vital public services. I will work hard to give residents a greater say in how money is spent and how problems are solved. The answer to budget cuts shouldn’t be outsourcing services to a company with a track record of failure for other councils.”

Wales Young Greens Co-convener Contesting in Gilfach By-Election

Mx Andrew Creak, 19, has been selected and nominated as the Wales Green Party candidate in the Gilfach (Caerphilly County Borough Council) by-election on the 6th October. Creak, who is the co-convener of the youth and student branch of the Green Party in Wales and the Welsh Green Pride spokesperson, contested the Caerphilly constituency seat in the recent National Assembly for Wales election in May, increasing the party’s vote share to a new high.

Creak said “I am delighted to be accepted as a candidate in the Gilfach by-election, and as the first green candidate in any ward in the Caerphilly Council. I look forward to speaking to residents on the doorstep in the coming weeks.”

In the past year Creak has helped campaign groups Gwern Y Domen, and Keep Caerphilly Mountain Green to fight the Local Development Plan (LDP) voted in favour for by the Labour council, which included building on greenfield sites and areas of scientific interest.

“I was so relieved when the council finally caught up with the people of Caerphilly in recognising that the LDP was a bad idea; it’s just a shame it took such a lengthy period of public consultation for them to realise the obvious.”

Creak also launched Welsh Green Pride’s new campaign at Pride Cymru back in August. The campaign is pushing for non-binary gender acceptance, and has wide support, including Co-Leader of the Green Party Jonathan Bartley, who said “There is currently no legal recognition for non-binary people, despite the fact that tens of thousands throughout the UK identify in this way. This is clearly discriminatory and needs to end. I am very happy to support Welsh Green Pride’s campaign.”

Fantastic response at Pride Cymru

Yesterday We had a great response to our presence at Pride Cymru. Organised by Wales Young Greens; who raised the £318 needed to cover the cost of the stall; the event saw the launch of Welsh Green Pride’s new equality campaign #NonBinaryExists a campaign for legal recognition of non-binary genders.

Andrew Creak Co-convener of Wales Young Greens and Spokesperson for Welsh Green Pride said, “It was a fantastic day, we have a great response to our presence in the parade, and when it came to the campaign, we were having a ques of people waiting to sign! We even run out of printed petition sheets and we had to improvise!”

We also had many of the Green Party leaders with us helping to celebrate the launch, Including Alice Hooker-Stroud, Wales Green Party Leader, and Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales.

Hooker-Stroud said; “The importance of a person’s gender identity isn’t seen by the majority of cis-gendered people as they were born with the gender identity with which they identify. It’s time for the UK government to move forward and legally recognise non-binary genders.”

Womack, who has been a great supporter of LGBTIQA+ rights has said this in regards to the new campaign “Policy-makers, as well as the wider population, need to take the time to consider the importance of gender identity. It is plainly wrong that people who identify as non-binary do not have the legal recognition they deserve and are forced to tick male or female.”

You can sign the petition HERE.

Wales Young Greens response to UKIP chairing the Welsh Assembly Climate Change Committee

We at Wales Young Greens are disgusted that the Welsh Assembly Government have appointed UKIP as the chair of the Climate Change Committee.

For Wales to lead the way in the pursuit of sustainability and fighting climate, Wales needs a forward thinking party to lead the way.
That’s why Wales Young Greens are so disappointed that UKIP have been appointed the chair of the Climate Change Committee.

Wales has enough natural resources to meet all our energy needs without burning any fossil fuels. We also have the skills and knowledge to develop sustainable industries and build sustainable houses, like the Solcer House in Bridgend, which produces more energy than it uses.

The UK Independence Party are not the right party or politicians to chair Wales’ climate change discussion. A lot of work needs to be done to protect the environment in Wales, and you can trust the Wales Young Greens will be working tirelessly for people, for planet, for Wales.

Response to Leaving the EU

Dear friends,

Last Friday was an awful day. Disappointment and devastation sums it up pretty well. This is not a complaint about the result, nor a whinge at the electorate, nor is it a finger-pointing session. The deconstruction and analysis of the campaign and the result can wait until we’ve dealt with the immediate fallout. Emotions are high and hope is low. We have to work with the hand we’ve been dealt.

The Wales Young Greens did campaign for a remain vote, but to stay in a Europe that can and will be reformed. This doesn’t go away – the fight is still on to democratize and make Europe greener. We will be, upon leaving the European Union in around two years time, surrounded by the EU possibly from all sides, and with a land border (or two, depending on what happens in Scotland), it’s in our interest to push for democratic reforms in the EU, even if we won’t directly benefit from them. We must and we will stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with our friends across the Channel and the Irish Sea to bring about what we were campaigning for – a people’s Europe.


This vote to leave has sent shock waves across the world both politically and economically. We are likely to face rising food and fuel prices, and times will be hard for the foreseeable future. Those who are taking us out will try and shift the pain on the poor and the young to cushion themselves. This can not and will not happen. We will fight tooth and nail to make sure that the many benefits that Wales receives as members of the EU will be replaced or enhanced, and that the leave campaign’s promises of further investment in public services will be met.

We will fight to make sure that environmental legislation is not rolled back. These laws and protections were hard fought for thanks to the cooperation of our friends and colleagues in the EU institutions, in order to help protect the environment from governments that were hell-bent on causing untold damage for short term profit – and to get countries that were not doing much to protect the environment and our natural resources to do their part. We must not, and will not become “the dirty man of Europe” once again. Those days are behind us.


There is also now a real possibility that the UK could break apart – with the Scottish First Minister now calling for a second independence referendum, Spain now pushing for joint rule in Gibraltar, and leading republican politicians demanding a vote for the unification of Ireland – and could lead to years, maybe even a decade of constitutional uncertainty. Tough times are ahead.

However, it has been amazing how people have been able to put their differences aside to campaign in this referendum – at an Assembly or Westminster election you wouldn’t see Green, Lib Dem, Plaid Cymru and Labour members at the same table, campaigning for a common goal (even if we had our differences about implementation).

We say it is time to work together, to put aside our differences and to unite to weather this storm, and even though the result is not what we wanted, we can campaign for a country to be proud of, that respects, understands and engages all of its citizens; and that protects its environment and its natural resources.

To quote Kodos from the Simpsons – “We must go forward, not backward; upward, not downward and ever twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!”


Yours sincerely,

Yr eiddoch yn gywir,


Le saluda atentamente,

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Mise le meas,

Искрено Ваш,

S poštovanjem,

S pozdravem,

Med venlig hilsen,

Met vriendelijke groet,


Vilpittömästi sinun,

Με εκτίμηση,


Cordiali saluti,

Tuus ex animo,

Dejjem tieghek,

Ar cieņu,


Mat frëndleche Gréiss,

Z poważaniem,


Cu sinceritate,

S úctou,

S spoštovanjem,

Din tillgivne,




Gwyrddion Ifanc Cymru – Wales Young Greens


We stand with Owen Jones

We stand with Owen Jones and are disgusted by the actions of the presenters of Sky news.

We at Wales Young Greens are outraged by the actions of Sky News for suppressing the voice of the LGBTIQA+ people talking about the mass shooting on LGBTIQA+ people.

All the points Owen were making were valid, and the straight cis people were trying to remove the LGBTIQA+ loss and were deliberately trying to remove all queer aspects of the tragedy.

Owen was amazing at standing his ground, this has proven that the media want to wash away all aspects of the Queer community, and try to place the guilt on followers of the Islamic faith.

The attack was against LGBTIQA+ people and Mark Longhurst and Julia Hartley-Brewer were trying to remove that fact. We live in a world where gay people are killed for who they love, where Trans people are killed for being who they are, and Mark and Julia were more than content to remove the queer victims of this attack on the LGBTIQA+ community. The attack has been named the worst gun attack in America and the worst attack on the LGBTIQA+ community since the holocaust.

We at Wales Young Greens call on Sky News to apologize to Owen for the actions of the Mark Longhurst and Julia Hartley-Brewer.

We Stand With Orlando

This morning we all woke up to the horrifying news of a mass shooting in the Gay club in Orlando called Pulse.

So far 50 people have been declared dead and 53 injured. Many were held hostage by the shooter after a gun battle with the police. The police later raided the club and shot the gunner dead.

“It’s so sad to see things like this happen in the 21st century. With at least 50 dead, our thoughts are with the victims families and friends and those who survived the horrible attack. This terrorist attack on gay men is disgusting, this is why the gun culture of America needs to end. This wasn’t just an attack on the LGBTIQA+ family, but an attack on the people of the world.”

Andrew Creak – Co-convener of Wales Young Greens

As well as this attack a man was arrested on the way to LA Pride with assault rifles and explosives in his car. This and the domestic terrorist attack at Pulse show that the Gun culture in the USA needs to end.

“This is a disturbing attack on the whole LGBT community. Greens here offer our thoughts to all those affected by this tragic event, and we hope action is taken to prevent further horrifying attacks like these in the future.”

Amelia Womack – Deputy Leader of the Green Party EW

We at Wales Young Greens send out our love and thoughts to the victims and their families, and those who witnessed this horrid event.

#ImWithEU Big Weekend

Today, Young Greens of England and Wales travelled to the London Young Greens event supporting a remain vote in Europe.


First we had an inspirational speech from someone who knows how it works well – Jean Lambert Green MEP for London.

She talked about the misconceptions about how the MEPs have no power when infact she has helped amend polocies herself and work towards bettering the polocies for all.


Secondly we had an amazing speech off Natalie Bennet, leader of the Green Party of England and Wales. She talked about her personal experiences while campaigning, from changing her hairdressers vote, to helping a random white van man who stopped her on the street to ask how he should vote.

Bennet stated “In Wales, especially in the valleys, is well known for its solidarity, the EU is that on a bigger scale, countries working together to better themselves.”

The final parts of the day were panels, first one hosting Amelia Womack, Deputy leader where they discussed, workers rights, peace and other important things the EU have brought to us.

Next up we had another panel with representatives from the EU Parliment, Another Europe is possible and other IN groups.

We ended the day with a workshop discussing what we had learnt, and helping to further our knowlage on the EU.

Later tonight we have a Euro Disco futurist Co-convener, Andre Creak as Drag Queen Miranda L Blossom!

Co-convener Calls on Cabinet Secretaries to stop the LDP in Caerphilly

Co-convener of Wales Young Greens Andrew Creak has written to Ken Skates, Mark Drakeford and Lesley Griffiths as the cabinet secretaries for Economy and Infrastructure, Finance and Local Government, and Environment and Rural Affairs regarding the Local Development Plan in Caerphilly.

Creak said:
“I write to you as the Green Party representative in Caerphilly, on behalf of those who live in the county and as Co-convener of Wales Young Greens.

Not one person I have talked to have agreed with the labour council’s LDP, they understand it would be a disaster to our schools, our roads and our green spaces.

Many of the settlement sites included are those of a Greenfield status. This land should be protected and preserved, not ripped up for unsustainable housing.

The Greenfield sites are highly important and help maintain the beauty of our county and town. Caerphilly County Borough Council’s motto is a “Greener Place to Live” yet the majority party wish to destroy this.

The planned bypass from Van road onto the mountain is a disaster waiting to happen. Our mountain’s traffic during rush hour is already extremely bad. Adding another bypass onto the mountain road will only worsen the problem.

It is also common to have bad car accidents on the mountain. Only last week there was a bad car accident that caused tailbacks across the bypass that leads onto the mountain. Adding another bypass would be idiotic as it would only invite more traffic.

We understand that we need new homes but they should be built on brownfield sites. They should be built sustainably and carbon free. It is possible to build houses with no carbon emissions and the council is responsible to the residents of the county to make full use of the technology that exists.

I call you to push for the removal of this LDP implemented and voted for by the labour council, not the citizens in the county. The LDP will be disastrous for us all, with the bypass, building on greenfield sites and no plans for new schools to be built for the children that would arrive in our county to live in the planned new homes.”

At the end of the consultation period, the council has received a record number of letters from concerned citizens who disagree with the proposed LDP.

Wales Young Greens EGM & EU Action Day this Saturday!

Wales Young Greens to hold an EGM meeting in Aberystwyth to highlight the importance of the EU referendum to young people in Wales
Wales Young Greens have announced a meeting at Aberystwyth University this weekend. The EGM will focus on the nationwide ‘Greener IN’ campaign to ensure the UK remains as part of the European Union. Wales Young Greens will discuss campaign strategy in order to mobilise Welsh young people to use their vote in the historical referendum that will shape their futures.

Andrew Creak, Co-Convener of Wales Young Greens, said: “It is extremely important young people ensure they are registered to vote in this referendum. It is the voice of the young people in both England and Wales that will prove powerful in deciding whether we stay or leave. Young people here in Wales understand that a prosperous future depends on cooperation with our neighbours in Europe. The Wales Green Party is campaigning for a remain vote as it is clear that in order for this cooperation to continue we need to be part of the EU. Otherwise, we will end up spending more money and resources by having to lobby the EU from the outside. Lobbying practises are opaque and hardly democratic. Aren’t we in this situation precisely because we want more democracy?”

Creak also highlighted the uncertainty Wales and the whole of the UK could be facing in the event of Brexit: “I am astonished that the pro-Brexit campaign is so obviously wanting to take a leap into the unknown. We don’t know what will happen to the economy, job security or workers rights if we leave the EU. Our financial system is fragile enough as it is. The rights we have achieved thanks to our EU membership, such as paid holiday and maternity leave, will not last one minute in the hands of a conservative government. And do we really want to give up our clean beaches, water and the environment, achieved only because we are part of the EU? It is clear our government has betrayed all the promises regarding the environment so far. It is safe to assume they will continue doing so at the event of Brexit. The UK, and Wales with its beautiful nature, are Greener In.”

Ramona Sharples, who is also a Co-Convener of Wales Young Greens said: “We understand that the referendum takes place at the worst possible time for young people. The university term will just have ended, which is why we are telling people to register for a postal vote or reregister before the deadline on 7th June at their parents address if they go home for holidays. This is young people’s referendum: for us the EU is part of life as we know it. It is not about politics, it is about quality of life.”

Creak added: “If we leave the EU, we do not know what will happen. Wales Young Greens are campaigning for a remain vote to ensure we can play a part in reforming the EU from the inside, whilst maximising the benefits of our membership such as science funding, the environmental controls and freedom of movement. As young people in Wales, we have grown up in a world free of restrictions. Lets appreciate our freedom to travel, learn about other cultures, live in new places and meet people from all over Europe – this referendum shows we can no longer take our rights of freedom for granted. So lets fight for them!”

The deadline for voter registration is 7th June and the referendum takes place 23rd June.