Pippa Bartolotti Responds to our Spokesperson Survey

What will you do to support the Wales Young Greens in their growth? 
Growth of the WYG depends as much upon the decisions made by the national party as it does upon the activity of the Young Greens themselves. It’s very exciting to have an energised YG group here in Wales, and I will be pushing to support you in any way I can. From meetings to protests, to representation at any level required, I stand ready to support you. The more we can highlight the Green agenda through mainstream media, the better it will be for all Green groups in terms of electability. I would like to assist WYG in setting a long term strategy for growth, with some achievable milestones along the way. It will be a challenge – but I love a challenge!
Why is youth engagement important not only for Politics but for the Wales Green Party? 
Today’s young people are tomorrows political decision makers. The more influence our Young Greens have on the upcoming generations, the more influence they will ultimately have on – not just the wider Green Party – but on the population as a whole. It is absolutely vital that our Young Greens have a voice, and are heard by the widest possible audience, because planetary life is facing alarming existential decisions, and other parties are simply ignoring them. The current generation of Green politicians are having difficulties getting elected. I would like to make sure that our next generation of Green politicians are on firm and electable foundations.
Have you already done something to support Wales Young Greens in any way? 
I have been proud to support Young Greens across the country, from one-to-one mentoring, to selling raffle tickets, Freshers Fairs, and promoting their needs at GPEx and WGPC. I have consistently helped WYG candidates in the run up to elections. Promoting them, canvassing for them and advising where necessary. Help and support is a 2 way street. Members of WYG have helped the wider party in numerous ways, and that should never be forgotten. That’s why working together will reap the best results. That’s why concrete support from the leadership team is essential. If I can do more to help you all, please know that my door is always open – elected or not!
Finally, why should the youth and student members of the Wales Green Party vote for you for Deputy? 
Voting for me will enable my wide knowledge and experience to be put to good use. I am well known by many people in the media, and a readily recognizable face across Wales. This means that after 5 years as Deputy and Spokesperson I can hit the ground at a pretty fast pace. I will work to promote the WYG alongside the wider party, but I am particularly interested in preparing the next generation of Greens for elections, and bringing them into the spotlight. Re-inventing the wheel is a waste of time and effort, so I very much hope the WYG will take advantage of my knowledge and experience, because I would like to pull as many obstacles as possible out of their way and imbibe them with the confidence and opportunities to surpass the gains made by the generation before them.

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