Grenville Ham responds to our Spokesperson Survey

Grenville Ham is one of the three candidates for Deputy Spokesperson of the Wales Green Party. We have sent this survey out to all candidates for Deputy and Leader and will post their responses as we get them.

What will you do to support the Wales Young Greens in their growth? 
“I believe that one of the biggest priorities of our party must be to identify and support the future talent who will in turn become our elected Green representatives. Green politicians don’t simply appear ready-made and I want to play a role in helping people become the leaders that we need. And it’s pretty clear to me that the biggest talent pool lies within the Young Greens. I think that it is entirely possible that the first Welsh Green AMs and MPs aren’t even members of the party yet, and that part of my role will be to help the Young Greens to find them, to encourage them, and to use my position to create meaningful platforms for them to speak loudly on behalf of the people with no voice at all.”
Why is youth engagement important not only for Politics but for the Wales Green Party? 
“From a purely philosophical point of view I think it’s vitally important that young people in society have the right, and mechanisms, to represent their own interests and actively develop the type of society that they need. This extents across all parts of life, politics and indeed the vision, policies and direction of the Wales Green Party itself. If the youth aren’t engaged in these processes (and many other groups in society are also being ignored) we will continue on this trajectory of a society set within a very narrow band that results in opportunities only being given to a select few rather than the many.”
Have you already done something to support Wales Young Greens in any way?
Not really. I would like to think I have offered support in my own quiet way to some of the members of Wales Young Greens but am very much looking forwards to being in a position to offer much more support as a Deputy Spokesperson.
(We at Wales Young Greens would like to point out the Grenville was a big help in getting us to Pride Cyrmu this year)
Finally, why should the youth and student members of the Wales Green Party vote for you for Deputy? 
“Because it would embarrass the hell out of my teenage daughter…. But in all seriousness, I’ve spent the last couple of decades doing public speaking on a range of environmental issues and believe that I’ve become a credible authority on a range of key Green Party issues. I would love to be in a position to be able to share a platform with Young Greens and help them to deliver the Green Parties radical message for the change that our fragile planet so desperately needs. But, thinking back to my younger times (and it wasn’t that long ago, was it?) I was just a guy with some big ideas and no idea how to get started. Thankfully I was able to find people who believed in me, nurtured me and helped me to become the person I am today. I would like to think that now, as an award-winning environmentalist and the Founder/Managing Director of a social enterprise, that I am in a position to help others take that same journey.”

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